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Dr. Philip Miller
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Dr. Philip Miller

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About the Rhinoplasty Procedure in New York, NY

About the Rhinoplasty Procedure
 in New York

Surgery of the nose serves two purposes. It can improve the way the nose looks ( cosmetic surgery) and the way it works ( functional surgery). Cosmetic or functional surgery of the nose usually takes one to three hours and may be done either with you asleep under general anesthesia or awake under sedation. Most incisions are placed inside the nostrils, but infrequently a small incision may be made in the natural creases along the sides or near the base of the nose. These heal quickly and leave scars that are nearly invisible. At the end of the operation, a cast will be placed on your nose.. If there is any bleeding, a light dressing may be placed inside the nostrils and removed the same day or the next day. Dr. Miller does not pack the nose after the surgery. If any sutures were placed in a natural crease, they are removed in several days. The other sutures dissolve by themselves. The cast is removed in one week. The majority of the bruising and/or swelling is gone after one week.