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Dr. Philip Miller
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Dr. Philip Miller

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Post-Rhinoplasty Surgery & Results in New York, NY

Post-Rhinoplasty Surgery & Results
 in New York

Recovery after Rhinoplasty

Most people are amazed by how little pain there is after nasal surgery. The most common, but infrequent complaint patients note is the discomfort due to the inability to breathe through the nose for a few days due to swelling. This usually resolves within 3 – 5 days. . Expect some swelling around your eyes for about a week and some patients get some bruising, but the majority of patients do not. 85% of the swelling goes away in 3 weeks. The other 15% takes 3 months. But that is not the end of your healing process. The nasal skin will still “shrink wrap” around the new framework, and this can take up to 18 months.

As the swelling subsides, you will start to see the improvements from your surgery. A few special precautions are required during your recovery. Bending or lifting can prolong swelling, so this is not recommended for three weeks after surgery. Running, cycling, or aerobics should not resume for three weeks. Contact sports should be avoided for six weeks, as it takes that long for the bones to fully heal. You may drive when the swelling subsides enough not to interfere with vision, and you may fly one to three weeks after surgery.

Every patient is different and your recovery may be shorter or more prolonged than what is described here.

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