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Dr. Philip Miller appeared in the New York Magazines 2009 Best Doctors.
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Dr. Philip Miller
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Dr. Philip Miller

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Rhinoplasty in New York, NY

 in New York

Your nose ...is it too large, too small, too flat, too pointed? Is it crooked? Do you have trouble breathing from one or both sides of your nose? If so, you are in good company. Many people feel their nose detracts from their whole face, taking away from the natural beauty of their eyes, hair or other facial features.

Cosmetic surgery can change the shape of the whole nose or of just a small part, making it fit more harmoniously with the rest of the face. Dr. Miller is skilled in making these changes while preserving, or if need be enhancing, the function of the nose so that breathing is free and comfortable.

Nasal surgery is among the most common surgeries performed by facial plastic surgeons. It would be easy to believe that being so common, the technique has been perfected and a consistently excellent result is produced every time. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The reason is that cosmetic surgery of the nose is among the most complex operations performed in the head and neck area.

Careful and extensive preoperative discussions and planning will take place before your surgery. We will consider the prominence of your cheeks, your jawline, your skin thickness and quality, and the overall dimensions of your nose before advising you of how not only to achieve the changes you want, but also to achieve overall harmony of all your facial features. Dr. Miller can improve features in your current nose that detract from your overall facial aesthetics.

If your breathing is a problem, Dr. Miller will conduct a detailed examination and advise you as to how this can be improved with surgery. Sometimes, special tests to measure your degree of obstruction or to evaluate your sinuses may be required. If you suffer from sinus problems, these can be improved at the same time as nasal surgery.